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03-07-2012, 10:31 AM
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Originally Posted by natey2k4 View Post
Firstly, it's RC's decision who is in the line-up and where. Secondly, we were trying to make a playoff push (but ultimately failed), so the guy with 2-goals in 24-games didn't get any favour. He was still playing 13-15 minutes a night usually.

I like AK but the guy was one of the most inconsistent NHLers I've ever seen. Brian Savage, basically.
It's not just RC's decision.

If it's a lost season and you know you're going to be trading a player away, you showcase him. It's just common sense. You go to your coach and you say... play him. Give him all the PP time he needs and try to make him look good. Teams do this all the time. Instead we took his already not so great trade value and choked the ever living life out of it. 4 minutes a game and threatening him publicly with a benching? Seriously... that's right out of the "how to get minimal return on your player" playbook.

As much as I disagreed with RC on how he was handling AK, this one is PG's fault. RC is trying to win games and is doing what he feels he has to (rightly or wrongly) in order to win. PG is the guy who knows who's staying and who's not. It's up to him to set the directive here. If he's going to trade the guy, then he should be giving RC a head's up and telling him to play him.
Originally Posted by MasterDecoy View Post
i don't think your timeline is correct at all: markov was supposed to be back a few games into the season until he wasn't. campoli was signed way before 'we' knew there was more complications with markov's knee. and then wait until november and more complications and more complications.

no way campoli was signed to 'replace' markov. he was signed as depth and im pretty sure goat said as much when he signed him.

he figured nothing would go wrong with markov's rehab and that he was only going to miss a few games. he rehabs, apparently too hard and too fast and bam, more complications. but campoli was never signed to 'replace' markov... no one available in the league last year could replace markov.

now, not resigning a minute eater like hammer? then we got something
Markov was supposed to be ready for the season. Then in the summer we started hearing that he might not be ready and as the summer drew to an end it became more clear that he wasn't going to start the year with us.

Even if my timeline is off though... PG had to know that Markov was an injury waiting to happen. I don't need 20/20 hindsight for this and neither do the majority of posters on this board. Sooner or later we'd need to get some help on his injury. Only this time... it didn't work. And it was a terrible move with Kaberle.

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