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02-04-2006, 11:32 PM
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Here we go again!

Originally Posted by Spongebob
Would you guys prefer that we all jump for joy at the Kings recent 5 game slide? Perhaps we should boast that the Kings are 25th in the league on the powerplay and 27th in the league on the penalty kill? Maybe we should just be happy that the team is practically in 8th place in the West and will be lucky to keep that spot?

I think that we (the realists) just refuse to keep looking for the silver lining in a poisonous cloud. As long as people keep accepting mediocrity (or worse) by accepting every excuse in the book as to why this team can't or won't win games then this team will never win ****!
Well, pardon me for musing my thoughts.

1) Realist? reality is, the kings are not playing well which most of us agree on but are still in a playoff spot...thats reality. will we make the playoffs? i don't know but i'm hoping we will and go far ... now thats a optimist...pardon me for being one.

2) Am I and the others that don't share your views happy? Hell no!

3) you call yourself a realist when most of your post are what we call a pessimists' view of things. negativity in most each and every post and most each and every thread here. gloom and doom - season already done...oh woah is all of us kings fans...yada yada yada...Andy Murray must die!

4) really, its going on 2 weeks now... its getting old...we know we might be out...we know you want the coaching change that would probably rocket the kings season down the toilet (and lets face it, a coaching change in the middle of the season never rescued a season...except for the devils a few years ago).

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