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In Manitoba we also have Spongee leagues. Games on ice with a puck but broomball shoes- no skates.

I got injured and was told by my surgeon I would never play hockey goal again[8 wrist fractures, various other injuries..].
I ended up "volunteering" in goal for my Brother's Spongee team because I couldn't sit at home and found it very similar , in fact , alot of semi-pro and retired NHL'ers play in our leagues[Trevor Kidd for one..]
[**I still sneak in the odd hard puck game..but not in any dangerous circumstance. If the opposing team is full of idiots...I have to bow out.]

It's a good way to get net experience.
You can skate without equipment wherever you can find ice to get your skating in...and play spongee with equipment to learn your angles, butterfly , etc. ...then combine both.
When "rehab-bing", I build an ice sheet in my yard and practice drills on my own.
Check out goalie drills on Youtube, and check out "Westridge Spongee" on there as well to see what I'm talking about.
Hope it helps.

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