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03-07-2012, 01:24 PM
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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
I think you're terribly shortsighted if you don't think we should test our number 1 dman before retooling this summer.

Tank nation is pathetic but we've come to embrace it because it's like saying "well I know I didn't win anything in the gameshow but I might get the ~MysteryBox~".

Markov is a key cog which we haven't had in two years. He needs to be at a 100% if we want to do well (ie. NOT MEDIOCRE) in the coming years. How can the GM organize his team after this disasterous year with another giant question mark in place of #1 D-man?

You and the Lafleurs and the rest of your ilk chose to ignore what a stable, consistent organization can accomplish. I look at the Islanders, Jackets and Panthers and shake my head, you guys gloss over it and think they don't exist.
Columbus, Islanders and panthers all have 3 things in common. Horrible management. Want to know why the Habs are where they are? There's your answer. Want to know why Florida has gone from bottom feeders to a potential division winning team? They got a GM who came in with a blueprint and a plan, integrated it and the results speak for themselves. Meanwhile the Islanders and Columbus are still meandering near the bottom. At least the Islanders have Tavares to be a force for the next 5 years, who do we have?

Saying that if Markov comes back and we won every game from here on out is acceptable IS short sighted. We've gone through hell and the only solace of this miserable season that shows more mediocrity is on the horizon at the hands of Gainey/Gauthier; is the top 5 pick. You disreguard it as if it has no value or place. THAT is short sighted. It is the only consolation we've got left. Markov's condition is important to know, but hes only got a few seasons in him left even if his knee is a hundred percent and if we endure another season next year like this one, he might be dealt for assets.

Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
That's pretty funny coming from someone who thinks that a team should encourage players to throw the pride and effort that got them to the NHL to begin with out and intentionally lose games.

We aren't losing every single game for the rest of the year, with or without Markov.
What pride do the players have? This losing is an indication of their pride. You see in the ebb and flow of the game who cares and who doesn't. This management group has torn asunder a proud group of aspiring young players whenever they faltered and are left with a broken shell of a team.

Dont blame the tank for the lack of pride and effort. Blame management and the coaching staff. They've instilled this culture and reinforced it with their moves and the players they trade and acquire.

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