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03-07-2012, 01:36 PM
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Originally Posted by DynamoAO View Post
If that is a serious concern for either a coach or a player, they can just delay the enrollment of another defenseman for a year if they know Seth is going to bolt after one year. UND gets Seth for a year, the unknown commodity kid still gets a 4 year scholarship! Are Canadians really that much against Education?
Actually if you read what I am saying, I am more for education. Seth Jones isn't going to UND for education, he is going there because he believes it will better his hockey career.

If you are truly concerned about education you would suggest that Seth Jones spend 4 years at UND and get a degree before he chanced a NHL career. He won't be there more than a year and in the mean time some kid that could have been at UND isn't able to attend.

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