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03-07-2012, 04:38 PM
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Originally Posted by giraffywaffy View Post
The point is that chest or head, the hit is legal because he doesn't target it, he hits with his body and that stops his momentum. Dirty headshots let the hitter continue his momentum because they're not body shots.
Kronwall stepped up with the body and got him in the head because Voracek exposed that part of his body and let it become the closest point to contact, and the rest of the body followed, and Kronwalls momentum stopped.
The Richards hit is legal because the principle point of contact is not the head. The Kronwall hit SHOULD be suspendable because he hits the head first, after lining up his man and hitting him while he was unaware. The NHL has spent the last two years saying that it's no longer the fault of the player getting hit for having his head down; responsibility lies with the hitter to not lay into the player. The whole "his head was down" argument was nullified by the NHL...until just now, apparently. Kronwall had other options, and he chose the most dangerous one. The result was a headshot. Blame is on Kronwall...and it doesn't help him that he has an extensive history of dangerous hits.

This hit is the exact type of thing the NHL has been trying to put an end to. They've failed.

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