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Originally Posted by giraffywaffy View Post
The point is that chest or head, the hit is legal because he doesn't target it, he hits with his body and that stops his momentum. Dirty headshots let the hitter continue his momentum because they're not body shots.
Kronwall stepped up with the body and got him in the head because Voracek exposed that part of his body and let it become the closest point to contact, and the rest of the body followed, and Kronwalls momentum stopped.
Don't waste your time, some people just think any hit that touches the head now should be suspended. Therefore players should skate with the head down so players cant hit them from the front cause they would have to hit the head first.

I will try to explain the rule as easily as possible.

The head contact rule is mainly for the blind side hits why you ask. This is because players were electing to target the head and not the body from the side. They had a chance to hit the body and choose to hit else where. This can also work from the front, if a guy is standing straight up and a player extended upward or jumps into the head, that would be targeting the head.

In the Rinadlo situation I believe the only reason he got suspended was he had a slight leap, I say slight cause I don't believe it was anything major but he choose to hit Ericsson more on the head area then the body which was exposed. (note he came from Ericsson's Right side not straight on.)

The Kronwall hit. Kronwall came straight at the opponent. Vorachk was looking back and turned up ice as Kronwall was stepping up other wise this hit would be to just the shoulder chest area. When Vorachk turned up ice he kept his head down and chin tucked. Kronwall went to make a hit on the body, never extended upward never raised his arms, never extended up ward at any point. Kronwall made a body contact check the problem was Vorachk was leading with his head. If vorachk was smart enough to pick up his head this wouldn't even be a discussion.

At the end of the day the difference is one main thing. If you are trying to hit the chest or shoulder and a player puts him self in a vulnerable spot moments before contact is made the Hitter is not at fault. The other main difference would be the player has an opportunity to make a play on the body but instead targets the head. Kronwall was placing his check right at Vorachks chest and if his head was up thats exactly where the hit would be. Just cause you have your head buried down doesn't give you a free pass not to be hit. The puck carrier has responsibility to protect him self and not skate with his head down leading with it first. This is why vorachk HIMSELF has admitted it was HIS FAULT he got hit in the head, and that the hit was clean.

Fans need to understand Head Contact isnt illegal, Purposely targeting the head when there are other options are.

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