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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Have you heard of hip checks, stick checks, or angling a guy into the boards? There ARE options besides "shoulder to head."

As for Voracek's I said. That's is the attitude the NHL has just spent two years trying to adjust.
Angle a guy who you are skating right at and he is skating directly at you. Good call.

Stick check, try to stick check a guy and risk missing the puck and him going down 2-1 or a break away. once again Good Call

Hip check. With Vorachk that crouched over would end up having kronwall having to get to low and clipping the knees.

Please keep in mind. if you actually watched the link above and for the tenth time The rule CLEARY states if the player puts him self in a vulnerable position right before the hit then it is a clean hit which is cleary the situation here. Kronwall was going for his head he never targeted his head. Vorachk turned into him. Case Closed.

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