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02-05-2006, 11:53 AM
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Originally Posted by NWO
It is a slump, not that abig deal yet, it isn't like they have fallen out of the division race. With what we have right now I don't know what more can be expected besides an 100% effort and I have not seen that recently. They are gettign outworked and the play is being dictated to them. This is a sign they may have quit on the coach IMO. I hate when we have the puck and just turn it over for no reason. I can't understand this for the life of me. Dump it in the corners and maybe we will get it instead of trying to keep the puck and enter the zone with it and keep control. Someone needs to step up in that lockeroom and go postal. Maybe someone has.
My how the faithful have turned on Esche. Yes he should have stopped that goal. Bottom line is this will be our goaile tandem in the playoffs as Clarke has clearly shown over the last 10 years that it is his belief you don't need a top goalie if yo have the other parts around. Why he has this belief has always been a mystery. well this team doesn't have the other parts and unless he does an about face everyone should forget any other goalie. This team has a few holes not just one. A scoring forward and defesn our needed if this team is going to make a run for the cup. Kappenen is banged up and who knows how bad. A legit scorer is needed, how do we acquire such a player? We keep waiting for the D to get healthy and that may not happen as we sorely lack any type of scoring from the backline and it is hurting the Flyers. Defense wins Cups and the d we have now will not cut it or even come close. I think come the deadline, depending who is healthy and hurt larke will address the D and acquire 2 solid defedners and push Jones and Meyer on the Phantoms. Remember this is a 2 year window to win, if you have to sacrifce some of the future so be it.
i don't think they've quit on the coach... i think they're worn out. they played through all the injuries so well for so long, eventually that catches up with you. it's caught up. they'll come out of it.

as far as the defense... when healthy we have one of the best defensive units in the league. we don't need to do much of anything there, especially with the emergence of Meyer as a legit top 6 guy. that being said, our window is MASSIVE right now. this is not a two-year window in the slightest.

Pitkanen, Johnsson, Meyer, Jones, and Picard (who i think is going to be solid) represent what can be a very good corp for the future. Hatcher and Rathje are around for the next two seasons... i also think Rico is going to sign a short deal after this season.

at forward we have GREAT diversity in age throughout the group. this team is going to be good for a while... stress not. they need to re-charge the batteries and get some continuity in the lineup (which is the BIGGEST problems with the injuries... zero consistency on any of our pairings).

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