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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Calling Detroit "lucky" is denial. Detroit isnt lucky. They have a top notch organization from top to bottom.......from the GM down to their scouting staff and everything in between.

Unfortunately, our management down to scouting is not as effective and therefore has not been "lucky".
where do you think they'd be lately if they hadn't lucked out on robotron 2000, the 'berg, and that's yuk. even the mule...

yes, of course the wings have a good organization. but you can't say "their management is awesome while ours sucks" and leave it at that.

but they did luck out with those guys and by luck, i mean they were "early adopters" of swedish and russian players. it was a clever strategy and it yielded them the likes of fedorov at 74th, lidstrom at 53rd, konstantinov at 221st, kozlov at 45th, holmstrom at 257th. datsyuk at 171st, zetterberg at 210th.

since 2000, in terms of productive NHL'ers, they have drafted kronwall at 29th, filpula at 95th, franzen at 97th. yeah, that's it. hardly earth shattering and those guys are what they are playing with the likes of lidstrom, zetterberg and datsyuk so that makes them look somewhat better than they really are. not discounting the work of their scouts, but their late 80's and 90's drafting was basically taking shots at russians and swedes and hope some stuck at the nhl level.

"but they develop their picks better than we do". of course, they've had superstars at almost every position since the early 90's, they can afford to. they develop and they KEEP their picks...

and while they were in their golden years, we were in the houle years and we still live in a continuation of those years.

let's see what they do when the wonderboys™ retire... there is this persistent myth surrounding the wings, like the deadwings era never happened, like there is no luck involved at all when discussing the wings... the late 90's through 2006 i'd say that's our deadwings era. since 2000, i'd put our drafting next to their any day of the week... actually, since 98 even, our drafting is in another planet compared to theirs, even when discounting when we picked earlier. a scout missing a plane so that only the wings' scout gets a look at datsyuk and picks him at 171st? that's luck.

for us, keeping that talent on the other hand is another question...

gainey ****s off, we get a good GM and we are in great shape for the future. contrary to popular belief, franchises can't be turned around on a dime and the faster we complete that 180 and become a 21st century, professional organization that stop hiring ex-habs "just 'cause", the better off we'll be.

two links if you want to compare draftings simply by the numbers:

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