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03-07-2012, 10:58 PM
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Originally Posted by thefifagod View Post
Honestly it's more of a younger crowd who is distracted with their phones and other nonsense at the game than anything. I'm in that age bracket and it infuriates me when people aren't paying attention at the game. I refuse to look at my phone unless it's commercial breaks or intermission. It's also a disservice to compare the atmosphere of a playoff game to a regular season game. The music is terrible and most of what they do in commercials to get the crowd going. The game day presentation is sad. It gets to loud points, it's just not consistent. As the season goes on it should get progressively louder.
Wow!!! That is exactly what I was thinking, but too lazy to type it

I go to 10-11 regular season games a year and that's exactly what I see. Young idiots texting on the phones. I also see men who bring their wives or GF's and the women bring a book or Kindle and read WHILE the game is happening.

Are you that freaking important that you MUST look at your phone and text every 45 seconds? I wish the Sabres could jam data streams at FNC across all networks so only phone call frequencies work.

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