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03-07-2012, 11:02 PM
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Originally Posted by ZZamboni View Post
Wow!!! That is exactly what I was thinking, but too lazy to type it

I go to 10-11 regular season games a year and that's exactly what I see. Young idiots texting on the phones. I also see men who bring their wives or GF's and the women bring a book or Kindle and read WHILE the game is happening.

Are you that freaking important that you MUST look at your phone and text every 45 seconds? I wish the Sabres could jam data streams across all networks so only phone call frequencies work.
Yep, tilts me to no end. Thankfully I've got my lady friend to comply and do the same as me with my phone. I'm not the loudest person by any means but when a good opportunity happens or it's a crucial point in the game I'd appreciate the crowd being into it. Nothing tops people pouring out of the arena with 2-3 minutes left in a 1 goal game or tie game. I sit on the aisle the majority of the time and always say "Hey, thanks for coming" to people taking off early in a close game. Is beating traffic that important? I'm getting angry thinking about it

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