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03-08-2012, 12:07 AM
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OP said,
"Yesterday we played them again, before the game he called me ******** and that if I hit him he would kill me. Early in the game I hit him to konck him off the puck. A little later I had the puck he rammed me into the boards and then put his stick around my neck for about 2 seconds. I may be exaggerating or just plained bias but I was convinced that he did that on purpose."

This is not acceptable behavior by a 15 yr. old. The bigger kid is basically being a bully. Bullies feel better about themselves when they can pick on others. What you need to do is tell everybody you know what this other boy is saying now. Someone you know will help you with this issue. eg, Your Father. Your Coach, A Teacher. Your Teammates. The Refs.

I know it's hockey and it's a tough sport, but at 15 this behavior needs to stop. Threats of physical harm may be just threats until someone get shoved into the boards head first. Someone will listen to you. You need to keep reaching out and find that person. Meanwhile, respect the game and your opponents. Lead by example and keep tickling the twine.

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