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Originally Posted by Lonny Bohonos View Post
As a rookie you will be expected to bring the beer!

That's the difference between minor and beer league.

As for which one to play go for the highest level you can possibly be at. Go for B.

I play in the middle east and the teams are a mashup of skill levels and nationalities.

Some of the guys I play with/against has played junior/college or the equivalent European league.
There are beer leagues in the middle east? That's awesome! Are the players mostly expats from North America/Europe? I love the idea of hockey growing to non-traditional marketplaces. Not as much as Bettman, but still.

House league is like tier 3-5 at most levels. I play in a 12 tier system and tier 12 is home to absolute rookies who can't skate, while tier 1/2 are former junior players or really, really good guys. I'm assuming you want a challenge but not to be destroyed. Are your teammates going to continue playing? Maybe you could make a team with them, if you're all old enough. That way, during relegation your league will put you where your skill level is.

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