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02-05-2006, 03:08 PM
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Originally Posted by catgoldfish
I feel as though the Leafs get badly outplayed almost every single game. Even though they still seem to win games. I think most people realize now we can't just go out there and spend money on patch up players here and there. They should go with the lineup they have and now ride it out and see what happens. If they make the playoffs good... if not too bad.

For years the Leafs have spent money foolishly. Now it's time to swallow their pride and move forward instead of backwards. Meaning get the most they can out of the drafts. Start within and build form there. I must admit they are getting there. It's nice to see some rookies finally playing and playing very well. But we need some more time to become a dominating team such as Ottawa or Detroit. It's gonna take a while and fans should be patient with the team.

Certainly the way the team was before was too many old has beens. I sure all the players we traded for patch up players may have made us a much better team. But screw the past we made some dumb deals but so has every other team.

HERES TO LOOKING FORWARD TO THE LEAFS FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think in this day and age that tanking one season and getting a good pick does not mean a prolonged period of rebuilding. Given the young UFA age and the cap room available to the leafs, I think they could make a strong team in the off season if JFJ turned out to be a good GM. Which so far has not come to pass.

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