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Originally Posted by JoeCool16 View Post
There are beer leagues in the middle east? That's awesome! Are the players mostly expats from North America/Europe? I love the idea of hockey growing to non-traditional marketplaces. Not as much as Bettman, but still.
Theres more than beer leagues.

National teams in some of the countries like the UAE, Kuwait. Part of the IIHF.

UAE also has a higher level tier that has inter-city games which are fairly high level. Though not like junior etc. maybe more like a champagne league. Lol

The league I'm in has a wide mix of players from NA and Europe mostly.

On my team for example we have a bunch of canadians, one swede, one Dutch guy born and raised in the middle east, 2 Slovaks, 2 British, and 2 quebeckers

Other teams have Russians, Finns, some from Lebanon. There was a local guy at one point but I haven't seen him this year.

In fact they create a team from these players to go play tournaments in places like Canada, Prague, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, hong kong, china, Bahrain, Qatar and a few other places.

There's a book I haven't read called tropic of hockey that details a guys story about the expat hockey leagues around the world.

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