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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
Ok then, let's be fair.

What objective and subjective criteria do you want to judge Gauthier's reign over other GMs?

Overall points? Playoff rounds won? Consecutive playoff berths? NHLers developed? Or the amount of times he says mister and the volume of red meat he consumes?

If you're going to give SHERMAN, the guy whose team has been tanking and flailing around for years, the guy who traded a 1st and a 2nd for VARLAMOV (unproven goalie, not elite) a pass. Or give credit to Snow for PA Parenteau and Moulson but not Gauthier any credit for Diaz, Emelin and Cole. Or not even address the other GMs I listed...

I'm just going to assume you're not serious about having an analytic discussion and would prefer to just stick to your own made-up reality.

If the magnifying glass wasn't constantly hovering over Montreal, you'd all see that he's been doing a fine job big-picture wise. He could be SO MUCH BETTER but until the 6m dollar #1 d-man issue is resolved, and Gomez is dumped off his hands are (were) tied.

Brian Burke traded Seguin, Knight and Hamilton for ****ing Phil Kessel. Gauther hasn't done any move nearly are ridiculous as that. Burke resigned Grabovski, who's never broken 60 points, to a 5.5m dollar FIVE YEAR CONTRACT. Burke's team has never made the playoffs, Gauthier will have missed the playoffs for the first time this year.

If you're serious, I'll be serious but until then I'm going to assume you're just like Habaneros.

You can't say that GM X, Y and Z have external influences but our GM doesn't. It won't work that way. Montreal has tons of external factors, among them: the spinster media, the taxes, the snowball effect of media attention and GMs protecting their players, etc etc.

So no, you can't waive off terrible GMs because of their "ownership issues". So what, everybody has problems. And this is the first time I've heard of Calgary having issues, so... source?

Your M.O. is set, we all know it. You'll judge a GM by his ability to tank hard, pick up super-duper-stars and then add to the core and win the cup. I'm not going to judge a GM on those factors because it's out-to-lunch.

That said:

Yzerman - Him and Gauthier have been around for almost the same amount of time. So if he's too new to judge, so is Goat. He's going to miss the playoffs for the first time, so is Goat. He sold off assets, so did Goat. He has legitimate all-star, superstar talent in Stamkos and MSL, Gauthier doesn't. Price is an all-star, but that's the extent of it.

Poile - as I initially pointed out, depends on this year's playoff success on everything. Suter might leave if they bomb out of the playoffs, and he'll have traded two 2nds and a 1st for what'll amount to nothing (if they bomb out in the first round) and he'll have nothing to show for it at all since Gill is super old even if he re-signs and AKost... well we'll see what happens with him.

That aside, if it works out and they get to the WCF, more power to him. I don't think they have the experience or the firepower but anything can happen. His deals for Rinne, Legwand and Erat disgust me however. Rinne is an unproven goaltender in the playoffs and he flat out sucked against Detroit in that one series - he's not worth 7/49 no matter how you cut it.

Feaster - Calgary has nothing going for them, today or next season or the one after that. He's patchwork fixing them over and over. He inherited this team though so I guess he'll need some time to manouever. So far, I haven't been impressed. No matter what you think of the MTL return for the Cammy deal, picking up a non-performing 6m 'sniper' for two more years is mighty risky.

Brian Burke - Enough's been said. He's done a terrible job and he's missed the playoffs every year. He hasn't found a goaltender. His "star" draft picks, Schenn and Kadri have been disappointing in their own regards - Schenn is even trade bait now. His FA signing have all busted except for Macarthur. His resigning of Grabovski only goes to show that he has no idea how to fix it, he might have a plan but cannot come to fix it whatsoever. The Kessel deal will only get worse from now on as Seguin is getting better and the other two prospects make it to the league.

Fletcher - I'm not sure how long he's been a GM but his organization got a lot of heat for Burns' injury. Trading for Heatley is like trading for Gomez, Heatley's lost his mojo and it shows in a bad way. He didn't do his pro-scouting and he hasn't been able to do much of anything.

Tambellini - Your beloved tank-strategy is showing.

Howson - Howson's actually tried to make moves, his team looked fine on paper. Damn shame, the fans deserve better but as I've been saying - he's been way worse than Gauthier. Goat's biggest risk was re-signing a prized asset, Howson traded Voracek and a top10 first for a mid-table 1st and Jack "-∞" Johnson.

Neiwendyke - I think he's done an absolutely terrible job. Goligoski's contract is plain stupid, and giving up Neal AND Niskanen for Gogo is even worse. He didn't replace B.Richards or get any assets for him (you know, that thing where everyone complains that Gainey/Goat didn't do for old farts like Kovalev and Koivu). Terrible job.

Lombardi - He's had how much time to assemble his team? How many times did he embarrass himself this off-season - getting into a stupid PR nightmare debate with his star d-man and eventually bending over anyway. Never addressed his team's need properly, and went off the wall with how many 1st rounders? Failed on how many FA signings? Oh yeah AND they've tanked to boot.

Rutheford - Terrible contracts, terrible everything. He disassembled a cup-winning team piece by piece.

The rest of the league's GMs are all over the place, is Sather a good GM or a terrible one? We'll see next season, but until now they've had less success than us in the POs, less PO appearances, and terrible, terrible contracts. Gillis assembled a good team in Vancouver and is constantly helping it, picking up Higgins and Lapierre was an astute move that an otherwise cowardly GM wouldn't pull. Holland in Detroit is like Ferguson in ManU. Wilson in San Jose has done almost everything he could, I give him tons of credit too. Holmgren is far too aggressive for my liking, and so is Tallon but hey one of them almost won a cup and the other built everything of that team that won. Shero has assembled the most magical team in the league, more than the sum of its parts and he deserves all the praise even though I hate the Pens.

What does this go to show? That GMs aren't in control of everything, it can literally fall down to a single bounce of a puck. Some moves look bad but if you win a cup it's all worth it, some moves are bad but you deal with it, some GMs make the best moves and nothing comes of it.

I like Goat's moves and non-moves, I want to see him have a legitimate coach, and a chance to get rid of Gomez before I send him to pasture. Everything other than this season has been ABSOLUTELY TO MY LIKING. It was Gainey that ****ed everything up (unfortunately) not Gauthier.

And you know what? If Goat ends up doing much of nothing next season, I'll be at the head of the picket line clamoring for his head. Until then, I think organizational stability is severely underrated among the kids here.

edit: And you know what? The one's who have teams that are in the PO picture are only just making it. The same thing you supposedly hate, squeezing into the playoffs, that's what the Kings are doing.
Well done. Calling for Goat's head is absurd. He's had barely 2 years, and inherited a mess.

Not covering for Markov is his only bad mistake so far. Cammy trade? Wow. Love that 35th pick in 2013, Holland so far, and 3 mill in cap space.

Ridiculous calling for his head. Give him one more draft, one summer to torch Gomez, one more season, one more trade deadline. Then we can judge. If he fails, fire his ass next summer, fine.

Meanwhile, put the word out quietly to selected persons that Goats has one year, and Habs will be possibly be interviewing in spring 2013. That's called stability.

Clueless people here, honestly. All GM's need min 3 years to show their mark. Preferably 4-5.

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