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03-08-2012, 10:20 AM
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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
Ok then, let's be fair.

What objective and subjective criteria do you want to judge Gauthier's reign over other GMs?

Overall points? Playoff rounds won? Consecutive playoff berths? NHLers developed? Or the amount of times he says mister and the volume of red meat he consumes?

If you're going to give SHERMAN, the guy whose team has been tanking and flailing around for years, the guy who traded a 1st and a 2nd for VARLAMOV (unproven goalie, not elite) a pass. Or give credit to Snow for PA Parenteau and Moulson but not Gauthier any credit for Diaz, Emelin and Cole. Or not even address the other GMs I listed...

I'm just going to assume you're not serious about having an analytic discussion and would prefer to just stick to your own made-up reality.

If the magnifying glass wasn't constantly hovering over Montreal, you'd all see that he's been doing a fine job big-picture wise. He could be SO MUCH BETTER but until the 6m dollar #1 d-man issue is resolved, and Gomez is dumped off his hands are (were) tied.

Brian Burke traded Seguin, Knight and Hamilton for ****ing Phil Kessel. Gauther hasn't done any move nearly are ridiculous as that. Burke resigned Grabovski, who's never broken 60 points, to a 5.5m dollar FIVE YEAR CONTRACT. Burke's team has never made the playoffs, Gauthier will have missed the playoffs for the first time this year.

If you're serious, I'll be serious but until then I'm going to assume you're just like Habaneros.
What criteria would you suggest I give for wanting change? I still can't believe you'd put Poile on that list. It shows you aren't looking at the big picture you're mentioning we look at Gauthier with. Suter and Weber don't want to re-sign yet. He's obviously trying to show that they are serious about winning to sign them. Imagine running a team where no one wants to re-sign, no UFA wants to sign, and you can't spend to the cap. He traded picks because there's a chance this backfires and low picks in a weak draft has a lower risk than giving up good prospects. If he loses Suter/Weber he'll still have his plethora of prospects to continue being a good team. Rinne had to be re-signed no matter what. It's ridiculous to think he's a bad GM for that. It's hard to take a discussion seriously when you say you'd even consider taking Gauthier over Poile. I'm seriously insulted on his behalf.

We've had the same people in upper management running things for almost a decade and we're currently 28th in the NHL with a prospect pool that isn't nearly as deep as it used to be and the team's improvement is heavily dependent on getting healthy. We already blew up the team after a terrible 08/09 season. I think it's only fair that we do the same with upper management in 11/12. I'd be more than willing to give Gauthier more time if this was his 3rd season with the Habs...but it isn't. Fact remains, he was a key part of upper management holding two pretty big roles as Director of Professional Scouting and Assistant General Manager. I think both Gainey and Gauthier have had a long enough tenures. Time for new faces and new direction. I'm glad Gauthier managed to at least add a few 2nd rounders, that's the first time in his tenure I saw him show a little direction. Emelin is a Habs pick not a UFA.

Not sure how you can compare Cole to Moulson and Parenteau as he's a proven veteran player that got a good deal of money to be lured here like most NHL UFAs have. I give Gauthier full credit for getting Cole. I didn't mention 'ability to sign name UFA' because I know that is a downside to being GM of Montreal is overpaying. Diaz is closer to them but you have to admit that he hasn't proven to being their level. I hope he is as good. Some of the minor positives brought up for Gauthier you seem to dismiss for other GM. If re-signing is somehow a positive Snow has managed to put his core in bargain contracts. Hate on Sherman for the Varlamov deal, but he's the one laughing right now. I thought he was an idiot for that move, but as time goes one he's looking like a genius. Says a lot that that's the move you bring up to show he's worse than Gauthier haha.

I didn't go through all of them because it's hard to debate for and against when we go to the worst GM list since they all aren't that good and arguably deserve to be fired too. I specifically pointed out Sherman and Snow because I felt you were seriously off base with them. Lombardi has managed to build a team with a strong prospect pool and good upper NHL talent. His coaching hires make no sense. One thing is for sure though, whoever replaces him will have a lot to work with whether you want to admit it or not. He's build a good base. Yzeman has been GM for less than 2 seasons and already has as much playoff success as Gauthier. He is rebuilding the prospect pool and hasn't done anything worse than what Gauthier has. He already has an offensive core in place gifted to him, we'll see how he does building a D and G core this summer. Rutheford is in the same situation as Poile. Built a cup winning team and made the conference finals the year before Gauthier did. What terrible contracts? I really hope you don't mean Kaberle...Nieuwendyk has messed up ownership. Brad Richards would waive NTC and he was under pressure to make playoffs. Stole Lehtonen. If Cole is a good move for Gauthier, why ignore Ryder and Souray. Stars are also 3rd in the West.

Feaster, Tambellini, Howson, Burke, and Fletcher I wouldn't want them as GM. Burke a better trading GM than most (even with the Kessel deal) but his ego and stubbornness detracts a lot from his good.

This season is a perfect opportunity for change. Seems to me you're judging a GM by whether he makes any retarded moves rather than the direction he's going. I rather let go of this management too early than too late (ie. after he makes a retarded move like Gomez...which he happened to be part of). I don't like the direction we're going and I don't want to have another team this bad. If these guys **** this up in the next couple of seasons we are going to be in trouble for a long time.

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