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03-08-2012, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Headcoach View Post
Well, Taquila is generally done at the end of the meal, for good digestion. And in Mexico, it is sipped, not slammed, like the rest of the world does, chased by salt and lime.

As for Tacos, they generally come four to a plates with two corn tortilla on each taco for support. Taquila is not served with tacos. Corona's are! And that comes with lime.

Four Tacos...$1.85 USD
Two Corona's...$.75 Cents USD
Herradura Taquila (the Horse shoe)...$1.00 USD
Watching Ice Hockey in Mexico City, where Mexicans are the best fighters in the world....Priceless!

Head coach
I admire what you have done for Hockey in Mexico, but to sell fighting as your main "Priceless" point of Mexican hockey is all wrong.

To develop Hockey as an encouragement for fighting is not going to attract the kind of athletes you want that will help sustain a team, and ultimately, a league.

Most of the kids involved in this league come from wealthier families, and fighting is the last thing on their mind, when they join up for hockey.

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