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Originally Posted by BleedOrange View Post
Kronwall is and always will be a dirty hitter most of his so called BIG hits are on players who he gets with their head down.And he targets the HEAD everytime then he hides never answers for it..
You're right, why didn't he yell choo-choo to alert him he was about to get hit by a freight train. The head was not Kronwall's target, Voracek made it the target and that's why it was a clean hit. Show me more than two or three (I can only think of two) hits where Kronwall hits a guy and the head ends up being the principal point of contact. Of the two I can think of neither were outside of the rules at the time of the hits. Also, who should he have answered to? I asked before and didn't get an answer. Should he wait for Voracek to get better and meet him at a park and fight him to give Voracek a chance to win his honor back?

The lifespan of this thread is hilarious. 3+3=6... wait a second buddy, what if those 6 things aren't equal in size and average out to be closer to 4. Some people are having trouble adding some things up here. Takes the what ifs out of the equation and it's not that hard to understand.

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