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Originally Posted by JohnLennon View Post
The only point I agree with is that we probably should have waited for the trade deadline to deal Cammalleri. Other than that, I don't agree with anything he said.

He is acting as if his speculation is actually true in how he claims Gauthier is such a jerk to the media and the players. I don't really see how he has been rude to anyone. It's just a Habs policy that they don't communicate openly with the media, and I think that is a good thing.

He refers to every single player with the title "mister" and that doesn't really indicate contempt to me...
One question correct me if I'm wrong but Cammy gives PG his list of teams (Limited movement contract)I forget the amount or the order; how on earth does PG get more value from the Cammy trade if he is limited to Cammy's choice of teams? Yes I agree he would of got more value at the deadline but is it not the player (Cammy) in this situation that calls the shots? PG could have received a great deal from a team not on Cammy's list and Cammy just has to say no the deal is done. Montreal Canadiens organization is so closed in talks nobody and I mean nobody expect those directly involved know how the trade went down! Just a thought....Also wasn't there talks when Gainey was GM of trading for Vincent Lecavalier before Gomez and the reports only talked about it after the fact when Gainey and Dudley started arguing over the air? Reports, Fans and I bet cleaning staff know nothing about Montreal behind those doors.

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