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Originally Posted by Issacar View Post
Markov's contract does not apply to the salary cap and the Canadiens still had a 2-3M$ cushion even with Markov contract counting.

So really straight off the bat, after calculating Cole contract in our cap. We had 8M$ or so.

Don't tell me that with 8M$ in free space yo ucan't find a mean to accomodate Hamrlik and Wisniewski's contract in your cap...

We also managed to trade Spacek away... maybe we would of gotten something else then Kaberle if we needed more salary space. (without adding that Kaberle earns more then Spacek and for 2 more years).

Did the Blue Jackets recieve a trade that was worth their while for Wisnieski? Was he reallyo n the market to begin with? Sooo given your logic... No one wanted the gross contract of Rick Nash right?

So in the end we really coud of signed Markov, Cole, Hamrlik and Wisnieski without much, if any issues...
You seem to forgot this:

During the summer, when you actually sign the UFA... the Management had good indication that Markov would be back within 2 month.... so his 5,75 cap hit would have actually count...sooner or later.

They could have signed one defenseman in case Markov doesnt come back ... but 2 was not really possible (unless they took the option to bury Gomez during the season once Markov is back)

Spacek was not easy to trade... all we got in a return ... was a long and heavy contract ... I don't think any cup contender (the only kind of team that could be interested in Spacek) would have been interested by him... proof, he did not get moved at the TD.

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