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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
From Hamrlik's play this year signing him to a 2 year deal wouldn't have helped our "back up plan". He's been a healthy scratch a few games on a team fighting for their playoff lives. It would have made our problem bigger, at least Campoli we can walk away next summer(heck would could send him to Hamilton if we needed cap room), Hamrlik's 35+ is immoveable.

Signing Wisniewski may have helped for this year(though he's missed 1/3 of the season) but his contract would end up looking like the Gomez or Redden one in a year or two. Plus he would have cost us Cole, no way we could fir Hamrlik Cole and Wisniewski under the cap and still have Markov.

I'm sure even in their worst fears they were not expecting Markov to miss 6 more months since he was skating last May/June. Signing a player 80% of what markov was would have cost big money(Ehrhoff Wisniewski etc).
Is the issue really Hamrlik? I don't know if you watch the Capitals, but before blaming Hamrlik, I would blame plenty of other players in that line up.

What do you prefer, Hamrlik or Kaberle? Kaberle still ahs 2 years left and earns 1M$ more then Hamrlik.... Heh yeah, Hamrlik is such a burden... start by lookign what we have in our backyard... Gomez, Kaberle....

If we would of signed Harmlik, we wouldn,t have Campoli that will walk away because he is meaningless. Hamrlik was a pillar for us in the past 5 years.

As I just pointed out in my previous post, you deal with Wieniski when he becomes an issue. Imo, once Markov would be healthy, my main priority would have been to get rid of Wisnieski. Don,t really need both and I agree that Wiesniewski's contract is too steep. Yes he gott injured for 1/3 of this season, but Markov hasn't played one single game yet and what tells us that he would of gotten injured while playing for us?

By looking at the way Markov was skating last summer, I was fearing that he would return on the ice and for good reason, he required another surgery!!!!! If you look at him skate right now, he can't even go on the ice before the end of the season, he does not even put weight on his leg. Imo, he's done for, in an interview at L'Antichambre, a surgeon was saying how here they would never have done the surgery he was done in Florida because it creates too much complication. For once, your body might not accept a pig knee to begin with.

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