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Originally Posted by Issacar View Post

I also shown that we were albe to keep Gomez while signing 2 defensemne. Also, is it that hard to pass Spacek through the waivers and free cap space? I mean, it's not like the NHL doesn't give work around to free up cap space... It's just smart management.

Go look at CHewbaca Post. He did not even include Webber / Emelin. (and I agree DIaz would be in the AHL)

Yes you can pass Spacek through waivers... but why exactly any GM would do you a favor and claim him so you be under the CAP ??

Last years we saw what it does to a team to be Over the Cap...if it was so easy, they would not have played 10 game (someone correct me ... it was something btw 5-15 game I think) with less player on the roster.

Again, signing one more defensam (Hamrlik) would have been good managing ... 2 would not. Espacially if you wanted to develop Weber / Emelin.

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