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03-08-2012, 02:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Medo View Post
Its rather selfish from you guys to talk so much about the adds with your teams having basically unlimited budgets. Not everyone plays in the NHL. They need sources of income. Its perfectly normal in every single European sport.

Anyway... blue number 38 (Frank Banham) got 7 match suspension and blue number 29 (Joel Prpic) got 4 games suspension. No one from red-white team got it which is a joke and fans of other teams are furious. They (KAC) are known as league's pet team and as a very rude and arrogant team. This was all about debts from the past. Last year they ended a career of one of our players.
you might be right with the 1st part, but they are right aswell, these adds look terrible

I like you for the bolded part, can`t stand these KAC suckers aswell. you clearly see this city doesn`t have a good soccer club so lots of pretty primitiv guys on the terraces and the team fits well to them.

but here you can`t say its the KACs fault, what Banham did was just disgusting, Prpic too.

anyway this league is a joke, the playoffs are a freak-show every year

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