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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Our resident "sewer rat" is at it again. I'm not posting the link because I don't want him to get the traffic.

As much as I hate the job Gauthier has done, Todd again lowers himself to the gutters to make a point. This time using the illness of Jean Beliveau to trash Gauthier.

I'm no fan of Gauthier's but to drag Beliveau into this (esp considering the timing of it) to try to make a point is disgraceful. Once again, Todd oversteps the bourdaries of good taste and turns this into a personal attack.

Some of his criticisms (I edited out the rest of the article) may be valid but Jack Todd's lack of journalistic professionalism overshadows any valid points that he tries to make. I've said it before and I'll say it again. He is an embarassment to the city of Montreal. He is an embarassment to his own newspaper. He is an embarassment to journalism himself. As much as I think PG needs to be fired, Jack Todd should come first. His writing is absolute garbage.
While I'm not excusing Todd over the Fleury article, I find that people should grow a thicker skin instead of looking for fleas everywhere and in every word.

Here's the link, as I feel it's only fair, if you're going to bash the guy and open a topic on it, to provide the link if, for nothing else, copyrights alone:

I personally see nothing wrong with this article. Yes, he does mix the story of Beliveau into his story on Gauthier, but it's to prove his point. The focus of the article in question is about class and respect. In his opinion, he's showing the two extremes.

Like him or not, Todd isn't wrong on that, in my opinion of course.

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