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03-08-2012, 03:20 PM
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Originally Posted by sobrien View Post
Unless it's clearly Manning's fault, all of the negative attention will be on the coaching staff and front office this year. And either way, Manning really seems like he can handle playing anywhere.
Really? I mean, this is the guy who threw his ENTIRE OFFENSIVE LINE under a bus after a playoff loss one year. He's never had to play in an environment like the Northeast, any of these cities (Philly, NYC, Boston). I can see him imploding quickly in any of those places should things not go smooth.

And I can't see the Eagles making that move anyway, or him being comfortable here. It's not in a dome, the offense has been in place for ages and he wouldn't have total control of it like he did in Indy, and the media attention is ridiculous. That's forgetting the whole deal with Vick.

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