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Originally Posted by Issacar View Post
As pointed out, Spacek was 34 when he signed his contract. The full cap hit only applies to player who signs contract IF they are 35 or older.

Implying that the Blackhawks were not a legit team and the Flyers only got beaten because of goaltending and not because the Blackahwks were equally as good or better up front, defense and in the net.

Markov was skating on one leg in june. It was evident that somethign was wrong with his knee. He couldn't walk by himself.

The Canadiens were not at the ceiling in october, as a matter of fact they had around 6-8M$ of free cap space at that point. We're now sitting on 11M$ of free cap space. It's pretty hard to fit Wisnieski's salary somewhere in that free space, right?
Again, you are wrong on Spacek...35+ contract and negative value coming into the season. This is a fact.

I never said the BH were not legit but they won with a pretty crappy goalie in Niemi. Phillie was close enough that with a solid goalie they would have won. Leighton was not even in the NHL the following year passing through waivers, tells you how had he was as a #1.

The Habs had cap room because Markov was injured, but you can't count on that room for the full year, if he comes back you have to get under the cap or lose every game by default. Getting under the cap is an NHL requirement, which your dream scenarios don't address.

Originally Posted by Issacar View Post
Markov's salary doesn't count, he is on LTIR. Problem solved. Putting Spacek or Gomez in the AHL is obviously an issue right? Gomez has been such the key player for us that we REALLY but REALLLY need him on the line up at all cost....
It counts when he comes back. You can't go out and sign 70 mil worth of players because you have a 6 mil player on LITR for 1-2 months.

In July you have no clue Markov will miss any time let alone 6 months of the season.

Putting Gomez in the AHL was not a realistic move last summer. This summer it will be wayyy more realistic. Last summer Gomez was only 1 year removed from a 59 point season and 14 point playoffs...not a big stretch to think he could bounce back, especially after the way Pacioretty was scoring prior to the Chara hit on his line. Also his salary remaining was like 17.5 mil compared to 10 mil after this season, much easier to sell to your owner, especially considering another crappy year(10 points in
35 games so far).

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