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Originally Posted by begbeee View Post
I think he is product of his team, closer to Osgood than Lundqvist. That doesnt mean he is bad, but IMO HOF is not near for him. He has time to add some great seasons to his resume but now he has no monster-season.
He has often been left for dead in his career. The Pens haven't always been a team that put up a wall in front of him. Fleury has saved their bacon many, many times. He is not a product of the Pens. I don't see the Osgood comparison. Osgood rarely had a time when he was called upon to bail out the Red Wings. There aren't many times in his career when you felt he stole a game. Fleury has done that with the Pens. He is closer to Fuhr than he is Osgood for sure, not only in style, but in importance to his team's success. I personally haven't forgotten his athleticism on some plays in 2009. After Thomas, probably the goalie who had the best playoff run since the lockout.

Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
MAF has pretty much hovered at average throughout his careerÖ usually a bit above. He is forming a Mike Vernon career thus far, so you should love him. But, he hasnít come close to the Vezina and hasnít deserved to.
9th in Hart voting last year. Not bad. Showed just how people viewed him with the abscence of Crosby and Malkin. If he ends up with a Vernon career then all I can say is that things could be worse for him. Vernon may never get into the HHOF but his name forever hovers when goalies are brought up. He's 27 now, so he has a lot more to tack onto his career. This guy could win three more Cups.

Originally Posted by God Made Me View Post
If you had to pick 1 right now, who has a better chance Henrik or Luongo?
This should be a gimme - Luongo. Lundqvist didn't enter the NHL until 2005. Luongo was a 2nd team all-star in 2004 and a World Cup winner (partial credit) by then. Had a Hart caliber season in 2007 and finished only behind Crosby that season. He has his warts in the postseason but played well up until the final last year. He just laid an egg in every game the Canucks lost and had a very bi-polar series. But it still beats Lundqvist's playoff resume and he certainly beats him in Vezina voting.

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