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03-08-2012, 03:30 PM
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What are Grafs' Cobra holders and runner like?

Hi folks.

So my vapors are up on ebay and should actually make me a net profit the way the bidding is going haha...


Graf F60s look like a serious contender. They are dubbed the sucessor to 703/704s. Apparently these have a narrow heel and low volume which Im after.

I'm slightly concerned about the holder/runner. Ive always skated with E pros, which I believe is a neutral stance and an 11' radius blade.

Would anyone care to share their experience of Grafs - even if you've never switched I'd still like to know. My experience of TUUK lightspeeds weren't great, and although I can probably acclimatise to a new skating position, Id really prefer an E-pro sort of feel.

Some googling suggests the cobras are agressively that much of a difference to e pros?

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