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03-08-2012, 03:38 PM
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IF Markov comes back, IF Gomez produces...

Sounds like a virtual basic C++ program more then anything else...

I poitned out numerous ways to get under the salarial cap. Given your answers, it sound more like "As an owner, profit comes before success" point of view. In the sport industry, the end of all means is succes...

You don't build success based on financial accounts (Chelsea this season is a good proof of that in EPL) or on pseudo variables that might never favors you.

The Canadiens makes 50M$ profit in an average years, if they can,t suck up the contract of a few players to make sure they have a better season then dead last... then no wonder the Canadiens are hardly ever better then 6th in the conference.

Let's bathe in averageness, seems like we're good at it.

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