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11-14-2003, 05:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Puck
Let's say I accept your premise, your thoughts on the CBA (and I do like many). How does that help the Edmonton Oilers survive?
How will any CBA help them survive? Why wouldn't they survive? They can't be losing very much money. Most years they probably make money. How about giving me an estimate of their revenues and expenses?

If your new NHL does not include the Edmonton Oilers, then that's where we part ways. I think even the NHLPA sees the continuing healthy existence of the Oilers as good for hockey and the players.
I think they will survive although they are fairly small as major league cities go. I don't believe Cal Nichol any more than I believed Rod Bryden.

I don't see why Edmonton can't do what Vancouver did. I think if they do, revenues will go up. The Oilers keep the rink full by holding prices down. With a great team, I think prices go up.

Vancouver built their team by trading expensive stars for prospects and by producing about 10 players. Edmonton has done a great job recycling the stars to stay competitive but they can't win until they actually produce some players. If you don't produce players in this league you can't be better than mediocre. That's why Edmonton has spent so long treading water - they haven't produced enough talent.

It gives me the pip the way they complain about money and how they can't keep anyone. Jeepers, they wouldn't have anyone if they did not keep getting younger. Anything but to accept responsibility for the dismal draft record.

If the Oilers actually built a team that could win on their $30 million, would revenues go up? Are you saying Edmonton has maxed out their revenues? That's how Vancouver did it - they built a really good team on less than $30 million. Everybody said they would not be able to keep their stars as they got more expensive. Except revenues have exploded. Suddenly the team could afford everybody.

Edmonton is a lot smaller - maybe too small - but it is just as rabid. Can't the same thing happen there? If Ottawa can flourish, why can't Edmonton?

Are you saying that you like the idea of eliminating elite teams? Do you really think a $45 million cap and free agency at 28 would help the Oilers?

How? I can certainly see why the big markets want this, but I sure don't see why an Edmonton fan wants it. What kind of system do you see and how do you see Edmonton gaining?


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