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02-05-2006, 09:35 PM
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Originally Posted by FoppaMan21
I'm not sure. We are looking really great on the ice. WE lost to the RANGERS which is really a joke, and the Canadiens which is an even bigger joke. The panic button is just waiting to be hit. Should it be hit or should we give it some time until after the Olympics?
Is losing to the Rangers really a joke? Well, let's see, you lost to them twice and barely beat them 2 other times. So if losing to them is a joke, then I guess your team must be a joke, according to your logic (or lack thereof).

But, then again, judging by the title you gave this thread, I really didn't expect anything even slightly resembling intelligence in what you would write.

The idea of hitting the panic button shouldn't even be entertained at this point. Talk about knee-jerk reactions!

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