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11-14-2003, 06:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Medicine Twin
Only 17 games into the season and only 2 games under .500 with a team that wasn't expected by anyone to make the playoffs, and you guys are already calling for the coaches head...

Absolutely pathetic.
True, but most of those wins are games we should be winning.

Teams Montreal has beat:
Toronto (7-5-4-1)
Washington (4-11-1)
Pittsburgh (3-8-3)
Detroit (8-7-1)
New York Islanders (8-5-2)
Boston (8-2-3)
Buffalo (7-7-2)

Teams Montreal has lost to:
Ottawa twice (7-4-2)
Toronto (7-5-4-1)
Philadelphia (9-2-3)
Boston (8-2-3)
NY Rangers (6-5-2)
Edmonton (7-7-2)
Buffalo (7-7-2)
New York Islanders (8-5-2)

Aside from Boston and Detroit, we haven't really beaten a "quality opponent" all year and have lost to the good one's. Teams we beat are the teams in worse shape than us like Pittsburgh (5 games below .500), Washington (7 games below .500). It's not like we're beating the good teams, we're winning games we should win or games against teams hovering around .500.

Now I'm not saying that Montreal should fire Julien by any means, and I don't want to sound like a pessimistic fan, but it's not like we've had much going the right direction this season. I hope we can turn it around, but until I see some improvement I will remain skeptical.

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