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02-06-2006, 10:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Mess
Good one ..

Here is the rub BM ..

This is the new NHL with a whole net set of rules .. More PP as obstruction is eliminated .. 2 line passes allowed .. More scoring , smaller goalies etc etc ..

So comparing PPG old New NHL verses new NHL is like apples to oranges .. The fact that Gonchar put up huge points on a bad team in the old NHL is impressive .. McCabe's stats are for 1/2 year .. Lots of thing can change over a full season and McCabe's PPG could very well and most likely will drop below 1.0 by the end ..

McCabe is wildly inconsistant .. Good year Bad year pattern for McCabe .. Ask the goalies and there new GAA and smaller equipment is scoring is up ..

McCabe record ..

2000-01 82 games 5 goals 24 assists 29 points
2001-02 82 17 26 43
2002-03 75 6 18 24
2003-04 75 16 37 53
2004-05 Lockout
2005-06 45 15 35 50

I was being kind comparing McCabe to Gonchar as his points have not been similar at all to his offensively.. In fact this is the only year he has more points ..Thanks to the new NHL ..

Bryan McCabe has already been on 4 teams in the NHL and that is no coincidence either..

The Washington Capitals traded Sergei Gonchar to the Boston Bruins for Shaone Morrisonn, a 1st and a 2nd round selection in 2004.

You think if Toronto traded McCabe we could get a solid prospect formerly drafted in the 1st and 1st and 2nd round draft picks??

If so we should do it in a heatbeat and use the money saved on McCabe to add 2 solid defenders in the $2.5-3 mil range..

Add our leaf coach has done a magnificent job of turning McCabe into an excellent d-man were all others failed. Gonchar last season was a big negative McCabe was +22 that was why he was 2nd team Allstar last season. Now back to back he is having an even better season this year that is blowing away the competition.

Scoring over a point a game playing 28 minutes and a plus player on a negative team. His stats are better than Lidstrom and Pronger who play the same minutes. He creates more non PP offence than them and more PP offence. A great season is a great season. Let's hope he keeps it up.

McCabe won't be traded. Hire 2 dmen like Rathje and Hatcher for 7 mil. Forget it that hasn't worked out great for philly. They give up goals like the leafs. 5 on 5 Philly has only given up 6 fewer goals playing in the vaunted Hitchcock defensive system. Quinn's so called no system played with 6 raw rookies on the team and a fading goalie are doing almost as well.

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