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11-14-2003, 08:47 PM
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I'm Andy Murry, Male Prositute

Hey Friends and Neighbors. I had a thought I figured I'd share.

I go to about 25 Kings games a year because they are local and not the ducks. But, I grew up in Philly and my heart is still with the Flyers. I'm almost a Kings fan, but my heart still isn't there yet.

Anyway, since I was a kid, I've embraced the phisical dimension of hockey. I think it is a great part of the game.

Andy Murry seems to think that fighting is a negative for the game. I think that is a valid opinion, but I disagree.

Here is the part that bothers me. Andy Murry won't dress an enforcer. If, "sportsmanship" is so important then why dress Avery. Clearly he doesn't bring skill to the team. He runs his mouth to the point of angering other people. Where is the sportsmanship in that instance.

I personally think that to put a player on the ice that antagonizes players like Avery and expect a friendly game of hockey is just dumb.

With that tactic I personally hope Ziggy gets run every night.

My point is, play a phisical game or shut up and behave.

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