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11-14-2003, 07:50 PM
Street Hawk
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NHL's biggest problems is themselves....

The best way to open up the game of Hockey is for the GM's to can all of the Defensive Minded Trapping Coaches. Then the game opens up considerably, that and the rules get enforced.

So tired of seeing guys like Pat Burns always playing defense first. He's been the coach of 4 teams, Montreal, Toronto, Boston, and New Jersey. You can't tell me that he didn't have any scorers during his tenure as a coach. Please.... The Oilers, outside their #1 line for the past several years, don't have many finishers, but they still continue to play an up tempo game. They could probably be more successful if they trapped, but the Oilers refuse to play the game that way.

Time for the Teams to Step up and either tell the Coach to give the players some freedom or look for a new coach who will.

Of course, GM's won't because the onus would then be shifted to them to get players to can play.

The Problem with the NHL is the Coaching, not the Rules. Coaches today define Winning a Game as "Allowing fewer goals then your opponent" rather than "Scoring more goals than the opposition"

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