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11-14-2003, 07:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Guy!
I think the thing that has to be the most frustrating here is that, in all the line combos that Julien has attempted, he's yet to use the two youthfully exuberent kids, meaning Hossa and Ryder, with Koivu this year. In fact, he benches the two rather than give them a shot with a real first line forward.

I don't mind that Juneau gets first line time, he has a lot of offensive capability that we haven't seen in the last few years because he's been wedged on the checking line for so long. You never know, Juneau does have that talent and might just be a good tonic for the first line.

However, the act of benching the two rookies ("We shall live and die with the rookies") instead of giving them a shot on that first line just tells me that Julien is starting to run scared. Yes, as another poster has stated, he might see things in their games that we don't see, particularly since he's at the rink and we only see what the cameras pick up, but you can't tell me that either of them has worked less than Zednik.

Our fourth line is a problem only insofar as Sundstrom has been relagated and if we're honest with ourselves, he's only been useful on the third line this year. A demotion like this will most likely have him wandering without a clue beside Begin, who will as usual be a crazy man hitting everything, and Langdon who, if nothing else, works hard all the time. I can't see this combination including Sunstrom being anything but a headache for Julien everytime it's on the ice.

A concerned fan.

You all seem to forget the meaning of this gesture. I do not dissagree for many factor in benching Ryder and Hossa. They are both very young and have fragile confidence. Ryder had slown down a lot since the biguining of the year, he is not hitting as much and drives less towards the net. This game will do him good. Hossa needs to show more competitiveness. These guys are two guys MTL will be developing for years and they need to play with them to make them be the best possible hockey players. In addition we lost the last two games 6-2 against Ottawa. He might want to see which Vet will show up for the game.

Audette, Perreault, Juneau wont be there two years from now! There is nothing to do with them and unfortunatly CJ must get them going if we want any sorts of chances to get rid of them earlier. Trust me...well I should say trust Cj this team IS going in the right direction and the results are quite surprising.

Ohh by the way...Give me a break with the fact that Cj did not try yo play Ryder and Hossa with Koivu...Koivu has only been back 4 games!

IMO at some point CJ will try them with Koivu!!

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