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03-08-2012, 10:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Fistfullofbeer View Post
Every game we play is right now about:

- The refs sucking
- Bad bounces and luck
- The other goalie stealing it.

I liked how we played today and we still lost. I feel for the players.

Guess we are still in the playoff hunt for now but as positive as I have been I see the Kings/Avs/Yotes taking over the last two positions and Dallas winning the division. Call it bad hockey mojo, the inability to finish, whatever. The fact is that the team is just not winning right now.
This. This is the mother of all slumps, worst one we have been in in a good five years. This is beyond finding ways to lose, they did NOTHING in this game that is worth of that moniker and still lost.

The only thing I can remotely pick a bone with is that after the 3rd goal, they went full prevent. That is a loser all the time. Gotta at least keep one guy up, but what I saw was when the puck turned, EVERYONE bailed deep into their own zone, not even high in the zone or in the neutral zone. They bailed out so far the camera had to pan all the way across the ice to see them again. They should have played the same way they played all ****ing night, get a forechecker in and at least make them work for it, but they gave it up, let them come in a wave, and coughed up the tying goal.

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