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03-08-2012, 11:25 PM
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Originally Posted by LoveDaSwords View Post
Umberger passed last year stating he wanted to finish his degree. But he's also stated he wanted to be considered for the Olympics, which ruffled some feathers here--he's not even close to being on of USA's top centers, but he wants to make the Olympic roster without playing at Worlds? That's why he absolutely has to accept this year. He doesn't get an excuse.

For all JJ cares, this tournament could have absolutely nothing to do with anything. It could be a glorified beauty pageant and he'd still show up. As long as he gets to wear USA on his jersey, he'll show up. He bleeds red white and blue more than any other American player--he jumped at the chance to play on the 2010 team when all the other Olympians declined (and understandably so). Johnson is a sure fire lock to wear the C.

Miller has declined in the past, and I assume he will decline again given the workload he's getting for the Sabres. And I'd assume Quick would do the same. Our goaltenders are probably going to be Montoya-(scrub).
if Umberger slaps us in the nuts again this year, then he is dead to me. no excuse for him not accepting this year...none! he has his contract and his schooling should be done, so lets see him step up and help lead this young squad.

Jack Johnson is pretty much my hero. if we had 3-4 more guys like him, this would be a much better experience overall. he has every right to decline this year after being traded and all the times he has answered the bell, but if healthy I see him playing yet again...and he will be Captain America.

For goalies, I wouldnt count out Ty Conklin.. looks like he is #3 in Detroit, and if they could spare him, we could use him. A Montoya/Conklin combo is more then fine by me....if not then Scott Clemmenson to the rescue!

Though we put a lot of weight onto the names we get from the teams that do not make the playoffs, we usually get some of our better players from the first round eliminations. I believe we got JVR and Fowler last year after they got eliminated from the playoffs. Plus Pavelski joined us a few years back as I hope we dont load up on 4th line grinders again too early in the process. over 220 Americans stepped foot on NHL ice this year, we can be patient and wait to snag some highend guys after the 1st round if needed.

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