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Originally Posted by Amateur Hour View Post
Wait, wait, WAIT. I graduated from Maryland in 2010 (now live in DC), and there was no Wawa on Route 1 when I left. There used to be one located in the mini shopping center -- across from the 7-11 and Santa Fe (RIP), with Dominoes, Noodles, Starbucks, etc. -- at the intersection of Knox and Route 1, but it closed down in the fall of 2007 on account of way too many drunks terrorizing the place. A few years later that space turned into Jason's Deli.
Yes, I know of this place. It's right across from Cornerstone and next to the Chipotle. Once upon a time, when I first came to school in DC, I'd hit that up regularly. Unfortunately it vanished, and everyone thought that was the end of the Wawa experiment in College Park.

Originally Posted by Amateur Hour View Post
So, where is this Wawa that you speak of?
A few years later, (I guess 2010-11?) a new Super Wawa (gas and all) popped up further down Rte 1. It's past the ramp for 95 that you would take if you're heading north to Philly. It's basically past the Ikea and such.

You just have to keep heading north on Rte 1, and you'll hit it on your right.

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