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03-09-2012, 01:20 AM
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Originally Posted by wolfgaze View Post
Please point out where I made fun of you? Biron isn't a terrible goaltender, he's struggling right now, get the difference? Maybe not.

Oh look the Rangers only game up 21 shots tonight with Biron in net... By your standards for all the previous games, I guess we can assume the team played strong defense in front of him tonight right? Nevermind Girardi getting caught out of position and then deflecting the shot on goal, or Richards completely blowing his coverage and allowing Turris pick up the puck uncontested. You've shown no regard for how the team has played in any of these losses we've suffered with Biron in net, because all you want to do is look at shots against and call it a day and bash Biron.... He's struggling, anyone can see.... If the offense could play with any consistency, we'd be winning some of these games and some fans would be complaining a lot less....

make excuses all you want. Players sometimes are out of positions or deflect shots. This isn't a shooter tutor in net. He CAN move and make stops (in theory anyway, usually he just stays still or moves a 1/4 of an inch as the shot whizzes by him). He flubs his rebounds, he misses on unscreened shots from the top of the circles.

He's been putrid for a long while now. But go on making your excuses, the numbers speak for themselves and i think finally more ppl are coming to see what a few of us have seen for a long while. Biron has been playing some terrible games for us. He's lost us games with his play. i dont think it's any more damning than that. Maybe not tonight. it wasnt just him...but that first goal he gave up completely changed the momentum of the game. 999 out of 1000 goalies stop that shot. Biron barely moved as it whistled by him. The Rangers go from carrying the play to being unable to do anything for fear of giving up any shots. They held the Senators to 7 shots through 2 periods because any more and it would have been 5-1.

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