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Originally Posted by mitchy22 View Post
That's fine. My point wasn't in opposition to the idea of a better owner, or GM, or coach. My advice would be to use a dirty-ex-Ranger-free example next time. My point was that I wouldn't swap Garth with JD. I'm fairly sure I stated that clearly as to why. It's not like I quoted your post and decided to pick it apart.

If I wanted to go further into detail, I'd point out that Peter Laviolette was an excellent coach and still is. Nolan was a good coach, but not the right coach for a rebuilding team. Brad Shaw was fine in his cup of coffee showing. I can't remember, but I think something tragic happened with him. That team he coached to a .500 record when he took over was a ****ing train wreck. Goring had that same team working hard, but it was still a train wreck.

What did any of these guys have to work with for any stretch of time?

Laviolette and Nolan had some semblance of a hockey club. What the **** did Goring or Shaw have to work with? Heck, those guys even managed to operate under even worse ownership and management. Poor Butch, he got to see the worst of both worlds.

Speaking of which, if Don Maloney wants to make a brilliant ****ing comeback or his brother is interested in the job, I'll pass on that garbage too. Let's skip out on the lifelong Rangers coming to save our franchise (even in examples.) It's not like we'd be importing "winners" by picking out players from most of the Rangers past. I'd also pass on Milbury redux.

Why am I bothering to go into this? I'm not a huge fan of Capuano. He's okay as far as I'm concerned. He isn't good or great. I find it's hard to have a real opinion on Garth. Why? Because our payroll has been scraping the bottom of the barrel. Because the GM has to say whatever he can to hide the fact (if it's indeed a fact) that our low ass budget is being handed down to him from above. Because if we're really trying to build solely through the draft, Garth does appear to be doing a decent job.

When this team has at least iced a squad that runs in the middle of the pack in terms of payroll again, then I'll worry about nitpicking about ****. At that point, then we could truly judge the GM and coach.

Who cares if we want Capuano back or not? I care about what we're replacing him with. I can critique about how we seem to come off large layoffs with a stinker. I could talk about our unwillingness to change lines for 30+ games while our 5-on-5 offense was the worst in the league. But so what? I can mix and match our lines better, but it's still working with a very poor mix. However, we're pretty limited it would seem in our ability to make that mix much better.

I'd argue that replacing Snow at this time is a worthless and wasteful proposition. Is someone going to truly do a much better job at our current level of payroll? Any name that would truly bring some clout solely on their name so they can have a hope in hell at bringing in players at "close to fair" prices during free agency isn't going to come here under the current ownership clown show.

None of this means that we can't discuss the shortcomings of all of these people in our franchise. However, it's really just spinning our wheels isn't it?

Or I'm wrong, and we should just talk about replacing the coach every 2-3 years. I'm wrong and another GM would have a great impact on bringing in players because we have such a strong history of winning in the last 20 years.

Players want to win hockey games. You might be able to bring in a coach who players would want to play for. You might be able to bring in ONE player who can help bring in other players. GMs aren't stepping into this situation and turning the tide for us. That's more of a leap of faith than a player saying, "You can play with me," or a coach saying, "You can play for me like you did when we were in X, Y or Z team together."

Our only hope is that players will see JT and see hope. That players will see Hamonic and see hope. That players will see we are a better team than last year. Still, it's a leap of faith. When you have 29 other teams to choose from, why bother with that leap of faith when you get to choose a better situation for yourself?

I really have no idea why I bothered to say this much about it. All I'm saying is that we're wasting our ****ing time talking about the coach and GM when our payroll is in the dumps and it's been 4 years since we've actually added a meaningful player.

If Garth merely patches the team back together and continues to keep the payroll down at the bottom, do you blame him or ownership? Ownership has to be the one that says, "Get your guy Garth, no matter the cost. We need to make a difference and the time is right. We need to start winning now."

You know when I'll **** on Garth? If he pays PAP $5 million. If he fires Capuano only to bring up our AHL coach. If he brings in a core player or finally signs a UFA, and it's the wrong ****ing guy for the team. I can **** on Capuano, but really, why bother? At most he can juggle what he has. What he has isn't enough. Even though I disagree with how things are being handled, how much better can I really ask for?

What's the punishment if I do?

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