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Originally Posted by mitchy22 View Post
It's not like I said "keep Capuano", so I'm not sure what part of my rambling you're disagreeing with in its entirety.

I said he was "okay" and complained about some specific things with him. However, this team does compete on most nights. There is almost no veteran presence on the team. The team is made up of a very poor mix of players at forward and defense.

Capuano isn't the guy I would put in charge to take us to the promised land. He's serviceable. He's okay. He's gone after this coming year, or he could be gone mid-season. Firing him after this current season somehow implies that you expected him to do more with the current lineup.

As I've said, I care about who we replace him with, but it's not the biggest problem.

Would bringing in a coach with a pedigree and experience be bad? Of course not. Would it make a huge difference with our current roster? Am I the only one looking at our current roster? I can't be. Look at the ****ing thing and tell me we really should be expecting more out of it. Go on and make a case.

Frans Nielsen is our veteran forward in the top-9 and he's a veteran of a little over 300 games. Our entire core of players at forward all have less experience than that. On offense, our best player is 21. Our fans **** on Josh Bailey (22) and Kyle Okposo (24) like they've grown up with anything or anyone to lean on.

Right now, 22 year old Josh Bailey has played in more NHL games than 9 of our forwards (Moulson, KO, Tavares, Grabner, Parenteau, Martin, Ullstrom, Cizikas, Niederreiter.)

On defense, our best player is 21. He's at least supported by a more veteran bunch playing significant minutes. However, he's probably our most physical and reliable defender at age ****ing 21.

I'm sorry, but the makeup and age of the team also has an effect on the outcome that occurs on the ice. This team has laid some serious eggs. This team has also played hard in a majority of its games as far as I'm concerned. Even more than that, we've had a few games that we played hard enough to beat teams that we had no right beating.

So how much is the coach and how much is the age and experience of the team? Or the fact that a huge percentage of our roster is very young and inexperienced?

I'll argue that improving the roster matters more than bringing in any coach. Now, I agree that bringing in a much better coach would help, but it's not the most pressing problem.

The most pressing problems? Our lack of experience and the amount of young players in major roles. Our terrible mix down the middle, at forward in general, and on defense.

I'll place the coach right after that. I'll place the payroll being so low and the clown ****ing show that has tarnished the image of this franchise right at the very top.

John Tavares is the best thing we have going for the face of this franchise. Right now, we don't ****ing deserve him. The next time this team makes a personnel move that says, "HOLY ****!!! THE ISLANDERS ARE MOVING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION" that doesn't have to do with who we select at a podium, then I'll worry about whether or not we have the right coach who is under contract for one more season.

It's bad enough that we have to pay ****ing players that aren't playing on this team. Do we want to keep paying coaches that aren't on this team, too? If the budget is that tight, then we need to make sure we spend as much of it as possible on the players on the actual ice each night.

You guys really believe the coach is the reason why our talent won't develop and not the fact that there's nothing to lean on for these players on the actual ice surface? If they don't develop, it's because we put them in the worst possible situation to develop in. If they do develop, it's because we drafted players who were able to take abuse well and make the most out of a difficult situation. The coach can only do so much all by himself. Again, I'm not a huge Capuano fan, but let's be realistic about what is going on here.

And also, how can I talk about Hitchcock and why he would work for the Blues instead of the Islanders without talking about John Davidson, one of the best and most informed and respected hockey personalities of a generation?

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