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03-09-2012, 07:53 AM
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Didn't know there were so many Jet fans in Vancouver. Or at least that many that could get their hands on tickets. Made for a good atmosphere at the game. Tough loss for the Peg but Canucks deserved to win.

The Good

Kesler - Could see him coming around last game. I guess he likes the home cooking. Obvious leader when he plays like this

Higgins - unlucky not to score - creates turnovers almost every shift. Another strong game.

Booth - good job of taking the puck to the net and getting to the net to provide screens. Can stretch defenses with his speed and works every shift.

Tanev - makes every one around him better. Facilitates his defensive partner so well. Saw this in Chicago with Connauton and last year with Ballard. How Tanev is not included in THN top 50 prospects is a mystery. He was excellent tonight. Even on the second goal he had the pass cut off and Schneider did not really have to worry about the back door play. Also his shots were not hard but they did put the goalie in difficulty.

Hansen - back to pepper pot play. Plays like this and he makes his line hard to play against. Thought Raymond also used speed better tonight. Played everywhere in this game

Phalsson -illustrated a Cody type shot tonight on the winner. Was very good as the game went on and looked dangerous on his shifts in the third and ice time was upped accordingly.

Bieksa - back on form. Handled the Jets speed up front very well and played hard nosed in his own end. Played with a lot of control tonight

Hamhuis - probably the best player on the ice.

The Bad

Kassian - looks out of shape. Labouring on most of shifts and getting caught standing still. Not in the flow of the game. You wonder if you haven't got another Booth situation. When Booth got here he laboured as well and seems to wear out fast on his shifts. Booth's tempo has improved and you hope the Canucks can take Kassian to another level of fitness. Kassian might have played the first couple of games on adrenalin but really is not in the type of shape to sustain that level of play. Looking at a young player that needs development. Appears the Canucks have project here and Kassian is a long ways from being a finished product. To be expected.


Schneider had the one suspect goal but otherwise was very good. Has played better than Luongo lately which creates a dilemma for Canuck management moving ahead.

Cragnani was a lot better. Still sort of mechanical in his play and seems to telegraph what he is going to do. But still showed a much better ability to get the puck out of trouble. Seems clear, at least, he is not suited to playing with Rome

Malhotra had a much more useful game. However, 4th line in general was no more than ok. Ice time severely cut back.

Sedins were somewhat better and the PP was improved but they continue to have some very difficult times in their own end. The GST line seemed to have them pinned in at times and you wonder how this was happening.

I wonder if the team should just be trying to roll the 4 lines and allocate time more evenly. Seems to me that is when they play some of their best team hockey. Overuse of certain players, especially the Sedins right now, doesn't make a lot sense given the present position of the team IMO

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