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11-14-2003, 10:04 PM
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Well, DRL, I do not know what I have said that makes you think I am sugar-coating anything. Is it that I do not start calling for heads to roll after each Avs loss as you have started to do? I don’t come here and crow after every win, either, so it evens out.

For the record…My position on the Avs goaltending is exactly what it has been since the day Patrick Roy announced his retirement. I have consistently stated that the Avs will need to pick up an experienced netminder for the playoffs. I said that last summer and some Avs fans on this board chided me for being pessimistic and unwilling to give Aebischer a chance. I am still saying it now, and you are accusing me of ‘sugar-coating’ things. It is sort of funny when you think about it. It is possible that Lacroix could wait until the deadline, but my totally unsubstantiated guess has been and still is, that the change will come before Christmas. But then, I’ve also said the Avs will wait to see what shakes out when Cujo is moved and I really thought that would have happened by now…

I guess my expectations of this team must have been lower than yours, DRL. I never expected the goaltending to be reliable. I was quite sure that Aebischer would not steal any games and that inexperience in net would cost the Avs a few. I did not anticipate the number of injuries but I knew there would be some along the way. I did not expect the Avs to open the season with a 20 game winning streak. Therefore, I am not terribly upset with their start…especially since they have picked up points in their last 5 games or so.

I am not going to take time to check right now, but it seems to me that the pathetic, sad-sack Avs have actually gained ground on the mightly, high-flying Canucks in the last couple of weeks. That does not mean that everything is perfect up here in the rarified Denver air. It does mean that, IMO, there is no need to make panic driven moves.

Just curious, DRL, what kind of start did you expect the Avs to have? And exactly what will have to happen to get you to quit bouncing up and down like a yo-yo after each Avs game?

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