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03-09-2012, 09:30 AM
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Originally Posted by GuineaPig View Post
Absolutely. But I always find it hilarious that people have tried to re-assert the narrative that "Luongo is a choker, and never plays well in high-pressure situations" over games where he played well.

Likewise, I don't hold Lundqvist's lack of playoff success against him. He hasn't played well, but he also hasn't played much. I expect he'll have many good playoff runs in his future.

The weird flipside is Fleury, who hasn't played all that well over his career in the playoffs (and outside of 2008, where he admittedly was great, he's been downright bad), but will nevertheless have fans claiming he's the most "clutch" goalie in the league.
Indeed. Cam Ward is also viewed as CLUTCH. He's so clutch that he can't even get his team into the playoffs most of the time!

I have yet to see anyone invoking "clutch" play to not also engage in selective representation of evidence. They focus on the good performances of the players want to big up, and focus on the bad performances of the players they want to bring down. Similarly, they hand-wave any evidence that does not support their position on a player.

No one has been able to demonstrate clutch ability in any organized, convincing way. It's all anecdotes and opinions.

And besides that, whenever someone says Player X plays his best in the playoffs, I always ask "Why is it all right for him to not play his best ALL THE TIME? Doesn't being a playoff clutchy player mean he doesn't give his best the rest of the time? How is that a positive quality?"

Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
My canned response: are there any goalies with "a few" Vezinas who are NOT in?
Good point. If you're seen as the best goaltender in the world multiple times, you should be automatic. Team success or no team success.

For the years the Vezina was awarded on merit, the following goalies have won three or more:

George Hainsworth: 3
Tiny Thompson: 4
Bill Durnan: 3
Patrick Roy: 3
Dominik Hasek: 6
Martin Brodeur: 4

Clearly "a few Vezinas" is far above the minimum requirement for Hall-of-Fame status. Many Hall of Fame goalies have less than "a few" Vezinas.

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