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03-09-2012, 10:24 AM
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Originally Posted by yianik View Post
I want a team fighting for home ice and having a shot at the Cup year after year, like alot of teams do. Like you , Im tired of the fighting for 8th place the last couple of decades. Im all for the longer term view and I didnt like the Kaberle trade because it was, I think, looking to get us into the play-offs now at the expense of the future. Thing is, is it PG or Molson thats mainly to blame? If the owner says I want the play-offs this year then the GM tries to make it happen, the owner is your boss. Its all well and good to want a GM to be completely selfless and only think about the team, but the GM is a person and doesnt want to lose his job, thats reality. The owner has to be sure the GM either feels secure or is watching him to be sure no try to keep his job moves are made.
To be honest... I don't know.

Based on what I've seen it's PG's fault because he's just continuing what we've done for years... try to make the playoffs at the expense of long term success. Right now I'm putting the blame on him.

I don't know what kind of an owner Molson is. I hope he's a guy who wants to win. Moreover, I hope he's a guy who isn't going to meddle with things. Best case scenario he hires a strong GM, tells him he wants a cup and says "go to it."

The truth is though, I have no idea what to expect from this guy. You're right, the GM can only follow orders. Feaster for example HAS to try to make the playoffs. His owners are telling him this. Based on what I've seen in the media, he'd like to rebuild that club. His hands are tied.

If Molson brings back PG, then we have our answer. Ownership is to blame.

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