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Originally Posted by AINEC View Post
I honestly wanted to sign up with the Empire but when I realized they were just going to be pushovers forever, I couldn't do it. Don't like the fact that Stormcloaks are incredibly xenophobic, but when they were all for kicking the Thalmor's ***** out of Skyrim I couldn't say no.

Was weird because I played as a Redguard (and looked incredibly Persian) but whatever... suck it, Tulius.

EDIT: I make it a point to decapitate all those poor ******* stationed at Imperial Camps. Dual Wielding Decapitations >>>>>>>>>>>>
Not sure what you mean by the empire will be pushovers forever
The biggest pushover was the emperor himself and you get to murder him for the last quest with the dark brotherhood. He was the reason the white gold concordat was signed in the first place.

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