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03-09-2012, 12:46 PM
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I've never played in a league that a girl played in but my reaction would be the same as no-check mens leagues that I've played in. I take the abuse, find out who did it and then later throw a hit that would be legal in a checking league. No cheap shot, just a hard check. You will get a penalty but anyone who knows hockey and is paying attention won't give you grief. And the ones who give you grief don't know enough to even worry about what they think.

Then I would suggest practicing like hell and getting better so you can play in leagues that women can't play in. Not all women playing in mens leagues take advantage of being able to get away with that crap but enough do that it isn't worth it and they wreck it for the good ones. But I certainly wouldn't treat them any better or worse. If a guy wants to give it he he better be prepared to take it. Same should go for women.

I wouldn't cheap shot a guy or a girl in retaliation but I wouldn't take that crap either.

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